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Coins, tokens, coin collecting supplies, stamps, medals, rings, books, and other collectibles

Do you want to find out the value of a collection?
Coin Collection Values
What is the value of my coins? - What is the value of my stamps - What is the value of my tokens
Let us help you find out the value of your collection. Coins, stamps, tokens values.

Coin Collecting Class (no charge)
Find out the values of your coins, stamps, tokens

How much is this coin collection is worth?
This has become a very common question being asked. In our evaluation, you will learn how to figure out the value of a coin collection, tokens and other Exonumia. Find out how to bring a collection to market. Understand how to find valuable coins right in your change. Coin collecting is fun. Once you go through this value program, you may just become a lifetime collector yourself.

Around 60 Years experience in coin collecting:
Sold newspapers at a very busy intersection all through the 1950s. Became obsessed with collecting coins at a very young age. A newspaper in those days sold for a nickel. (5 cents) The very first coin to spark my interest was a Buffalo Nickel. There is a Buffalo on one side of the coin, and an Indian on the other side of the coin. Being a kid, this was a very exciting discovery.

Cigar Boxes Full of Coins:
It was not long before I had a wooden cigar box full of Buffalo Nickels. Another box of Indian Head Pennies. The coin collecting obsession grew every year. Pennies became my favorite because it was less costly to keep saving them.

Keep coins collections in a safe place:
My coin collection is sitting in a bank safe deposit box.

Someone worked hard to build that collection:
Today a newspaper costs what a dollar? Or maybe $1.25?
Being a kid selling newspapers for a nickel if you think about it a little bit ~ wasn't that kind of like a dollar today or maybe $1.25? I want you to fully understand that when someone built a coin collection in those days, nickels were like a dollar these days. Quarters were like a 5 dollar bill.

Find out the value of a coin collection:
If you read the above short story you should begin to understand how much someone needed to sacrifice to collect those coins. They may have gone without something to collect that coin you are looking at. If they collected it maybe there was an underlying reason. They liked the animal on the coin. It was the year someone was born. Maybe it was a very low mintage coin?

Low mintage coins:
The less of a particular coin that was minted the more value the coin has later years. It is important to know how many were minted of each coin in your collection.

Grading of the coin:
Attempting to sell coins can be challenging. Comments about the grade of every coin will soon be coming from a potential buyer.

Help find the true value of a collection:
If you would really like to be able to figure out the value of your collection, there is help. Please contact me for any questions, or further needs on evaluating a coin collection.
E-Mail us at: coincollectingclass@yahoo.com

Thank you for taking the time to read our pages.

Coins And Tokens
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