History of:
Incorporated 1903 as Fort Wayne, Logansport, Lafayette and Lima Traction Company
Renamed 1904 to Fort Wayne and Wabash Valley Traction Company
Reorganized 1911 as Fort Wayne and Northern Indiana Traction Company
Acquired 1920 by Indiana Service Corporation.

Beginning in 1904, Fort Wayne and Wabash Valley Traction Company acquired the following interurban railway companies. Additional subsidiary companies were formed in subsequent years to construct additional interurban lines. Unless noted, interurban companies basically operated between their namesake cities.

Fort Wayne and Southwestern Traction Company (to Wabash)
Wabash River Traction Company (Wabash-Logansport)
Lafayette and Logansport Traction Company
Fort Wayne, Bluffton and Marion Traction Company (Fort Wayne-Bluffton)

Indiana Service Corporation subsequently acquired the following companies.

Fort Wayne and Decatur Traction Company (acquired 1916)
Fort Wayne and Northwestern Railway Company (acquired 1924)
Marion and Bluffton Traction Company (acquired 1927)

Indiana Service Corporation interurban operations transferred in 1930 to Indiana Railroad, controlled until 1942 by Midland Utilities Company - Midland United Company

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