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Farmer City Raceway 1998
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K&L Raceway 1998
Lasalle Speedway 1998
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Paducah Raceway 1998
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UMP Modified Points Finals 1997
UMP Modified Points Finals 2001

Kris Patterson 1997

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This Car Was Sold

1951 Ford Victoria
Been In Garages And Barns Since 1963

Under The Hood There Is A
1956 Buick Roadmaster 322 Cu. In V8
Nail Head Engine

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Communication Theory Since 1994
RaceSpace© was originated to help racing people learn more about each other. This website was originally designed to give the racing world a personal sense of connection with race teams and race fans worldwide. The theory of racers communicating with each other on racespace grew rapidly. By 1997 Racing History began to grow on Racespace along with up to date coverage of race results. The amount of racing people communicating with one another via Racespace was enormous. In those days, communications were done with e-mails.


Racespace was originated within the website domain www.kraze.com and also advertised in newspaper advertisements.


Bob created the United Midwest Promoters . Kraze began adding all the UMP information on Racespace.
Other speedways began to fax information about their speedways to Kraze and Racespace. Most speedways
did not even surf the internet in those days. The world has changed since the mid 1990s.

Racespace® sponsors United Midwest Promoters UMP

In the mid 1990s Racespace became a sponsor of United Midwest Promoters UMP.

Others liked the theory
The theory of a place for racing people to learn more about each other and communicate with each other went crazy when social networking was born. Looking around the world wide web today you will find many other websites using our same original theory. Some even copy and paste sections of our website. Some even copy and paste mis spelled words

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